• Avioq HTLV-I/II

HTLV-1 InfectionAVIOQ HTLV-I/II Assay
FDA Licensed and CE Marked for:
• Serum and Plasma (Clinical or Donor Testing)
• Serum and Plasma (Deceased Organ and Tissue Donors)
Total incubation time only 2 hours, 30 minutes

Two HIV ParticlesAVIOQ HIV-1 Assay
FDA Approved for:
• Serum
• Plasma
• Oral Fluid
• Dried Blood Spot

Contract Manufacturing PhotoContract Development and Manufacturing
Avioq provides contract manufacturing services in a cGMP, FDA Licensed and ISO 13485 certified facility. Avioq also provides regulatory expertise and consulting for the FDA approval of medical devices.

Avioq Labware ProductsLabware Supplies
• ELISA Microplates
• CLIA Microplates
• Glass Vials
• HDPE Bottles